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Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), one of the English languages poets, and Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland, was born on 6th August. His is well known for so many poems and remains one of the most popular poets of his generation. He never wrote any hymns, although he is reputed to have said:

A good hymn is the most difficult thing in the world to write. In a good hymn you have to commonplace and poetical. The moment you cease to commonplace and put in expression at all out of the common, it ceases to be a hymn.

Although not written as a hymn, Tennyson’s poem ‘Crossing the Bar’ – written during his father’s 81st year – has been included in many hymnals, and is sung to two tunes, CROSSING THE BAR by Joseph Barnby, and FRESHWATER by CHH Parry.

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